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Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas Photography Exhibition

Concrete Canvas Photography Exhibition Concrete Canvas is clash between street and sports photography which involves freerunners who use their bodies in an expressive form of movement which allows them to express themselves in an environment using a form of street gymnastics painting a human picture with their surroundings as their canvas. The project was shot in […]

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Battle For Bloodstool

Battle For Bloodstool: Part 2 of the Toxic Waste Trilogy. Chronic Anal Bleeding (CAB) are one of the greatest Black Metal bands on the scene at the moment, but in the midst of recording their brand new hit record, and only days before their headlining slot at the biggest black metal festival in the universe, […]

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Tales from the Crip

Tales from the Crip: Part 3 of the Toxic Waste Trilogy. A friend recommends a DVD, he brings it to your house and proposes that you and all of your friends watch it together. You oblige. As the DVD plays, you get an eerie feeling that something is not quite right. Ten Legged Beast Ltd […]

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‘Brother’ made by three of our Television Single Honors students at Leeds Trinity University Ross Moran : Patricia Martinez Arastey : Emily Stein APRIL 2012 FILM OF THE MONTH WINNER AT INDIEDEMAND FILM COMPETITION Student Short film by Ross Moran and Produced by Patricia Martinez Arastey. This short film is a Psychological Thriller based around a character […]

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Pop Paintings Video Diary

Pre-production paperwork Script: INT. Studio- N/A The studio is filled with Paintings by Emily, it will be brightly lit to show them off. ~(CU)~ Interview with Emily (See Appendix 5) Cutaways of Emily painting and of the artwork FADE TO WHITE INT. Office – N/A The room will be dressed to look like an office. […]

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Leeds West Indian Carnival (Documentary)

Leeds Carnival Documentary Leeds West Indian carnival has been part of the community for the past 43 years. This documentary gives five different opinions about how the community feel about the carnival and its place in the future of the community. This is a piece produced for a final year Media degree project. Please feel […]

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