As a Student, recognition and introduction to Employers is everything!

DegreeShow.ME is your opportunity to show the World your BEST work. Whether it’s an excerpt of Research or Writing, a Video, Film or TV documentary or a Design, Illustration or Animation, DegreeShow.ME can be your showcase to Employers, Investors and onwards to the next step in your career.

This online DegreeShow is available to Undergraduates in Levels 4, 5 and especially for Level 6 & recent Graduates.

Simply register, then entice the world simply with a Title, Image and a short Description of what makes you or your work Brilliant!

FREE and Quick

No charge!
Register – Upload – Promote.
Drive potential employeers to your portfolio’s via short URLs.

Easily Create Portfolio’s

Easily upload your Images, Video’s, Animations, Designs, Photo’s. There is no upload limit. Share as much work as you want for FREE.

Employeers Need You

They want to see your portfolio and contact you. Increase your chances by having lots of skill-specific portfolio’s.

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