BattleDress by Rebecca Wetherill

Betrayal, corruption and a battle… for a kingdom and for love.

Christiana’s life, disguising as a male soldier, gave her the one thing that she had wanted from childhood; the ability to protect her family and her country. But when she meets William, who wants her help in usurping the Corian throne, she does not realise her life is going to change forever and not all in a good way. Wars, titles, money, even death but does love reach her in time or does she lose it forever?

BattleDress was my final year Media Production Portfolio project for Leeds Trinity University College.

My task was to plan and write a fictional Action/Romance novel set in an historical era, aimed at female readers within the age range of 20 – 35.  Taking the novel through all aspects of writing from; plot outlines, story arcs and character development. As well as editing the novel to a professional standard.

To see a pre-final edited version of the novel go to:


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