Concrete Canvas Photography Exhibition

Concrete Canvas Photography Exhibition

Concrete Canvas is clash between street and sports photography which involves freerunners who use their bodies in an expressive form of movement which allows them to express themselves in an environment using a form of street gymnastics painting a human picture with their surroundings as their canvas.

The project was shot in Leeds and a suburb of Paris called Evry courcouronnes and Lisses. The shots include close freinds of mine whom I met while practicing this particular activity. I wanted to highlight the ways in which the human body can be shaped and move around obstacles in a fashion that almost look unreal to the average onlooker. I also felt the need to highlight an area that still needs a great amount of publicity for its achievements within society and the general understanding it truly deserves. The activity of Parkour/ freerunning promotes a great sense of community and a genral fitter and healthier lifestyle.

I currently work for a photography company called ‘Magic moments’ based in Doncaster were over my 3 year period  I have covered many aspects of professional business photography which include: Weddings, Horse shows, football/Rugby tournaments, The doncaster enterprise business awards, womens Race for life, and various aspects of studio photography. I also studied photography at college for 3 years  were I obtained a B grade at ‘A’ level.

Christien Falloon

Email: falloonchristien [at] gmail [dot] com
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