If You Can Sell This, You Can Do Anything:

If You Can Sell This, You Can Do Anything‘ is a short documentary we made about Big Issue, an organisation aiming to help those less fortunate and down on their luck, however over the years the reputation of the Big Issue and its vendors, who we see on high streets every day, have been marred by various things, leading the public to believe that the vendors are bad people, which is far from true.

Ten Legged Beast Ltd
Lee Elliott (Editor/Animator/Director/Camera/Sound/Writer/Design)
Web: https://tenleggedart.tumblr.com
Email: leebvhj@hotmail.com
Mob: 07749884313

Stephen Jenkins (Camera/Writer/Director/Sound)
Email: mrste131@gmail.com

James Sheen (Sound)
Email: jamessheen1990@hotmail.co.uk


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