Downfall (Video)

Video Production Name: Downfall

Year: 2009

Andrew Claypole – Assistant Director, Camera Operator & Editor
James Robinson – Assistant director, Camera Operator & Editor
Jonathan Twigg – Director, Sound Operator & Editor
Mike Cuneen – Production Manager, Administrator

Module: Script to Screen

Brief : To produce a 10 minute film with any chosen subject/story.

The production had to be planned out with scripts, storyboards, location searching, health & safety forms, cast list, prop list & much more. The group also had to pitch their idea to relevant tutors & an Eastenders story writer before production started.

Topic: The story line is based on a true event that happened whilst in University. A boy comes home drunk, thinks he can climb & break into his house because he has forgot his key but falls to his death. We wanted to get the message out to students – DRINK SAFELY, do not get so dunk that you may harm yourself.

Review: Altogether the video was an extreme success, it received outstanding first marks (along with the planning report/scripts etc). When previewed, some audience members did shed a tear due to the dynamic storyline. The film sent a strong message out to students.

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