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A great idea needs to get to Market FAST!
The Lecturers initial idea was to put on a DegreeShow for the Media, Film & Culture degree’s in the style of our experience and studies back in the 1980’s in our Design and Arts Degree’s. Traditionally this was an exhibition space (white walls, subtle lighting, display boards, food & drinks, open for a week…) where Students can show invited Employers their skills and concepts for new Design, Products, Art and Media.

In 2010 onwards, time and location in our world is now online, nit on-the-floor. Lifestyle, expense and location pressures for both students, staff and employers has, from experience, reduced the number of National attendees at such events. The answer, as we know and study is DIGITAL. Today, with the advent of online and multimedia systems, we felt that an Arts show could be easily adapted for TV, Film, Digital and English/Media projects. is a permanent Degree Show, not just for that short  moment of Graduation but for the lifestyle of our Media; ongoing assessment, freelancing and myriad projects, from the moment you start your studies, to Graduation and on into Business and Commerce.

Recognition, aclaim and respect can come at any moment in your projects and so is for the NOW, TODAY and TOMORROW.

These images are a brief window on the process in developing, branding and marketing this online digital service for Students to meet potential Employers and Buyers.
It was created with WordPress, additional Plug-Ins, custom coding and a lot of time.

James Rothschild. Assistant Principal Lecturer, Leeds Trinity University College.
© Dec, 2010.

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