Out Of This World (Documentary)

Documentary Name: Out Of This World

Year: 2010

Client: Isle of Darkness

Andrew Claypole- Assistant Director, Camera Operator & Editor
James Robinson- Assistant director, Camera Operator & Editor
Jonathan Twigg- Director, Sound Operator & Editor
Laure Pierce- Production Manager, Administraor

Module: Documentary production

Brief : To produce a 10 minute documentary containing elements of documentary styles/types the crew had learned throughout the module.

Topic: The documentary is based on Live action roll playing. Its aim is to show how different groups of people in society take part in different hobbies.

About: The Documentary had to be interesting and capture the audience as

“Documentaries no longer have the measure of protection they once had and they are required to compete on equal terms with all other forms of programming”(Kilborn and Izod,1997:217) and it also had meet the BBC mission statement for broadcasting “To enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain”(BBC,2009).

In terms of the documentary fitting in to theoretical models it can be applied to Bill Nicols “6 types of documentary”;

It used a non-diegetic voice over to carry the flow of the documentary which fits under the “Expository mode”. “Expository documentaries rely heavily on an informing logic carried by the spoken word”(Nichols,2001:107) The images being displayed illustrated what the voice over was saying in certain parts of the documentary.

It could be applied with the “Observational mode”, a large percentage of the cut-away’s and shots in-between the interviews were shot simply by observing the clients and capturing their “rituals” and natural “scenes” without interference. “The scenes tend, like fiction, to reveal aspects of character and individuality. We make interferences and come to conclusions on the basis of behaviour we observe or overhear”(Nichols,2001:111).

As well as the “Observational” mode being applied, the “Participatory” mode can be applied to some extent. The crew actually spent days with the clients at their locations and as well as observing the hobby, the crew interacted directly with a lot of the clients.

The final mode in which OOTW can be applied to is the “Performative” mode. There are some re-enactments which were displayed in Out of this world such as the ritual scene. The clients actually set up a scene for JDT Media which meant the audience could see what the LARP world performs.

Review: Altogether the clients were happy with their documentary the crew made. They gave great feedback & we have since uploaded the documentary to Youtube and it has been played 1150+ times.

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