Retrirement Care Home (Web Brand)

Web Site Design, Branding , Coding, Management for a Retrirement Care Home.

These portfolio screens display a selection of the functioning web pages and screenshots of the Brand design and development based on repurposing the older web site content, colour, typography and media.

The clients brief required are more modern and up-beat representation of the care homes residents (and families) so photography as sourced to enhance the visual aspects of care and promote the issue that ‘life continues’ with dedicated support and active happy  lifestyles.

To add colour and positive visuals the client requested a day/night and also seasonal theme. Some of the digital development screenshots here depict that being accomplished in Adobe Photoshop as a photo montage of Autumn, Spring, etc.

Streaming video content was added, and in turn this lead to creating an interface menu (derived from the video subject categories). Video was also used to promote the retirement property side of the business.

Overall, the rebranding, layout and digital media production contributed to a business review and new marketing message for this company. That in turn helped the services and write our creative brief.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe DreamWeaver, Adobe Golive, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash
Apple Man & Windows PC’s
PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash.
Domain Name and Web Hosting management.

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