Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas Photography Exhibition

Concrete Canvas Photography Exhibition Concrete Canvas is clash between street and sports photography which involves freerunners who use their bodies in an expressive form of movement which allows them to express themselves in an environment using a form of street gymnastics painting a human picture with their surroundings as their canvas. The project was shot in […]

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BattleDress by Rebecca Wetherill Betrayal, corruption and a battle… for a kingdom and for love. Christiana’s life, disguising as a male soldier, gave her the one thing that she had wanted from childhood; the ability to protect her family and her country. But when she meets William, who wants her help in usurping the Corian […]

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Battle For Bloodstool

Battle For Bloodstool: Part 2 of the Toxic Waste Trilogy. Chronic Anal Bleeding (CAB) are one of the greatest Black Metal bands on the scene at the moment, but in the midst of recording their brand new hit record, and only days before their headlining slot at the biggest black metal festival in the universe, […]

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Tales from the Crip

Tales from the Crip: Part 3 of the Toxic Waste Trilogy. A friend recommends a DVD, he brings it to your house and proposes that you and all of your friends watch it together. You oblige. As the DVD plays, you get an eerie feeling that something is not quite right. Ten Legged Beast Ltd […]

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‘Brother’ made by three of our Television Single Honors students at Leeds Trinity University Ross Moran : Patricia Martinez Arastey : Emily Stein APRIL 2012 FILM OF THE MONTH WINNER AT INDIEDEMAND FILM COMPETITION Student Short film by Ross Moran and Produced by Patricia Martinez Arastey. This short film is a Psychological Thriller based around a character […]

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'With Love'

Unique Handmade Charity Cards

Unique Handmade Charity Cards My project involves creating affordable handmade greetings cards for all occasions, that can be personalized free of charge and where half of the profits go to St.Gemma’s Hospice – A charity close to my heart. My Design book with full colour images is avaliable to browse, where you will find the […]

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Pop Paintings Video Diary

Pre-production paperwork Script: INT. Studio- N/A The studio is filled with Paintings by Emily, it will be brightly lit to show them off. ~(CU)~ Interview with Emily (See Appendix 5) Cutaways of Emily painting and of the artwork FADE TO WHITE INT. Office – N/A The room will be dressed to look like an office. […]

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Bonita Women’s Magazine

Project Title:  Bonita women’s magazine for the wealthier business woman. Project Description:  My project is a woman’ s magazine for Women aged 25-30 named Bonita. I named it this as it is the Spanish way of saying pretty, something woman are often associated with. There is a little bit of everything, celebrity gossip, make up […]

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The Teasing Tiger – A Children’s Book

As a writer, I chose to create a children’s book. Taking inspiration from The Gruffalo, written by Julia Donaldson, I chose to insert rhyme, repetition and rhythm in order to retain the attention of the children. Research shows that younger children prefer simplistic imagery in their books, hence why the illustrations are simple and pale […]

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Cupcake Making Kit (delivered to your door!)

Bake: A unique cupcake making kit delivered to your door! Product Design, Branding and Website Design The portfolio images above show the key development stages in the Bake Box products creation, from initial sketches to the final concept product. The final product – is all your cupcake needs rolled into one! A stricking white box […]

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