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Battle For Bloodstool

Battle For Bloodstool: Part 2 of the Toxic Waste Trilogy. Chronic Anal Bleeding (CAB) are one of the greatest Black Metal bands on the scene at the moment, but in the midst of recording their brand new hit record, and only days before their headlining slot at the biggest black metal festival in the universe, […]

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Storyboard sketches and illustrations… These are a selection of concept designs for a film about a possessed motor bike (Vincent Black Show) and the ways in which it manifests it’s spirit. One of the story lines calls for the bike to transform into a man-like beast, another story lines the spirt animates furniture, chairs, matresses […]

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Out Of This World (Documentary)

Documentary Name: Out Of This World Year: 2010 Client: Isle of Darkness Crew: Andrew Claypole- Assistant Director, Camera Operator & Editor James Robinson- Assistant director, Camera Operator & Editor Jonathan Twigg- Director, Sound Operator & Editor Laure Pierce- Production Manager, Administraor Module: Documentary production Brief : To produce a 10 minute documentary containing elements of […]

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Redhouse Music (Branding)

Throughout my time at University I have been creating voluntary productions for many clients. It has built my Graphic Design/Media Production skills to a professional Level. The example here is complete re-brand of Redhouse Music which resulted in stationery, advertisements and video production. I have recently started my own Limited Company with a colleague from […]

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