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SEND US your files, links and story and we will do it all for you.


Take a moment to plan what you want to show and what you want to say.

Here’s the checklist that we go through each time we start review new portfolio submissions (graphics, video or journalistic).

Creators Name: your name (this is important for ©copyright).
your place of study, department, course…
Current Year of Study:
are you in Level 4, 5 or 6? Graduate or Lecturer?

Images: a screenshot will do, 1024px * 768px, in png or jpg formats.
Video: 60 seconds max. You can upload mp4 or embed youtube, vimeo, etc.
Text: write a brilliant description (see below) & prepare an enticing excerpt.

Project Title: one line that says it all and captures peoples (and your) imagination.
Project Description: an outline of your project (500 words max). Don’t give all the game away, this site to to ‘make contact’ with employers not give them all the answers…
Project Excerpt: employers are busy, give them a sound-bite to draw them in.

Then, Login and Post your Portfolio images and descriptive on
We’ll review it, help you Be Brilliant! and then make it LIVE 🙂


Adding IMAGEs to a Project

  1. Login
  2. Go to Post -> Add New to create a new post.
  3. Click on the Add an Image image button above your post window.
  4. Select images to upload, and click Save Changes after you have finished uploading.
    (Don’t click insert into post). Your images are now added to the Gallery
  5. Click Save Changes or click the “X” to close the upload box.
    Your images are now added to your post and photo gallery!
  6. Now go ahead and add your Title, Description.

Adding a VIDEO to a Project

Follow the same procedure as above to add a photo to your post, that will appear on the front page and archive pages. Then to add a video you simply paste your video embed code in the embed field under the post window in the Custom Settings.


Email us your files, links and textual content and we will do it all for you.
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