Wheelie & Norm in: The Funked Up Case of the Disco Killah

Wheelie & Norm:

Part 1 of the Toxic Waste Trilogy.

Present day. The world has descended into chaos. Modern day police forces have fallen on hard times and become too soft; drug dealers roam the streets and murderers lurk in the woods. Only one police force exists that can combat these most heinous criminals, brought forward from another time and given diplomatic immunity to clamp down on rising crime levels, WHEELIE and NORM tear through the criminal underbelly like a knife cutting through the flesh of a small animal. It is up to WHEELIE and NORM to cure this plague of crime before it’s too late and over-runs this once beautiful city.

Ten Legged Beast Ltd
Lee Elliott (Editor/Animator/Director/Camera/Sound/Writer/Design)
Web: https://tenleggedart.tumblr.com
Email: leebvhj@hotmail.com
Mob: 07749884313

Stephen Jenkins (Camera/Writer/Director/Sound)
Email: mrste131@gmail.com

James Sheen (Sound)
Email: jamessheen1990@hotmail.co.uk

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